Bank Reconcile Statements Screen


Use the Bank Reconcile Statements screen to:

If security is turned on for your system, you must have authorization to reconcile bank statements.

You record bank errors to clear deposits or withdrawals that your bank processed for different amounts than your company processed in Sage 300, once you have determined that the difference is due to a bank error.

Important! If you add a bank entry by clicking the Bank Entry button, you must click Calculate on the Reconcile Statements screen before saving the reconciliation. If you do not click Calculate, an error message appears.

Reconciliation Tab

This tab lists all outstanding deposits and withdrawals that were posted on or before the reconciliation date. It lets you:

Summary Tab

Use this tab to:

If the Adjusted Bank Balance does not equal the Adjusted Book Balance, the program displays the difference in the Out Of Balance By field. You must reconcile the balances by recording bank entries that account for the difference. For more information, see Reconciling a Bank Account.

After recording bank entries, or after changing the Reconciliation Posting Date, click the Calculate button to update the amounts on the Summary tab.

Once the Adjusted Bank Balance equals the Adjusted Book Balance, you have successfully reconciled the bank account. (The Out Of Balance By amount will be zero.)

Totals Tab

This tab provides a detailed breakdown of cleared withdrawals and deposits by reconciliation status (for example, Cleared With Bank Error).