Bank Entry Screen


Use the Bank Entry screen to enter and post bank-related transactions that you do not enter elsewhere in your Sage 300 system, similar to the way you record G/L journal entries. This screen lets you record multiple deposit and withdrawal entries, and a number of distribution lines for each entry.

The types of transactions you typically enter using this screen are:

Important! If you add a bank entry by clicking the Bank Entry button on the Reconcile Statements screen, you must click the Calculate button on the Reconcile Statements screen before saving the reconciliation. If you do not click Calculate, an error message appears.

If you do not use Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable, you use the Bank Entry screen to record all deposits to or withdrawals from your bank accounts. Posting the entries creates journal entries for General Ledger, ensuring that the corresponding G/L account remains up to date.

The Bank Entry screen includes a detail table that lets you distribute amounts to general ledger accounts. If a default distribution code is specified in the Bank Options screen, a default distribution line appears for new entries.