About Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud

Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud is a financial reporting tool integrated with Sage 300cloud. It offers ready-to-use online reports that can also be viewed in Microsoft Excel ®. You can customize the ready-to-use financial reports or create new reports specific to your business.

Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud runs on your Sage 300 server. In Sage 300cloud web screens, use Business Intelligence Reporting on the navigation menu to open Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud and report on your Sage 300 company data.

  • To use Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud, users must be assigned to a security group with Financial Reporter security authorization for Sage 300 General Ledger and Sage 300 Web API security authorization for Sage 300 Common Services.

    Also, for the ADMIN user you must customize two Sage 300 program files. For more information, see Sage Knowledgebase article 84722.

  • We recommend that you configure Sage 300cloud web screens to run in a secured environment using digital certificates. If you do not, warnings will appear in your browser each time you start Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud. For more information, see Knowledgebase article 84797.

If you use Sage 300cloud web screens over an external network or the internet, some additional configuration is required to use Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud. For more information, see Knowledgebase article 90986.

Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud includes ready-to-use financial reports that give you immediate insight into and across your business. You can customize these reports or create and save your own so you don't have to recreate your reports each time you run them. You can also update a report to filter results by accounts, group categories, or account groups by creating a copy of a report and updating the row sets accordingly.

For information about customizing and printing reports with Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud, see the Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud Help.

For information about ready-to-use reports, see Ready-to-use reports.