Financial Reporter Functions

Accounts in General Ledger (G/L) contain two main types of data:

You can use the following functions in Financial Reporter to retrieve data from General Ledger, including transaction and optional field information.

Function Data Retrieved
FR Function G/L Option data, company data, and statement print options
FRACCT Function Account data, including account optional fields
FRAMT Function , FRAMTA Function , FRCREDIT Function , FRDEBIT Function Fiscal set data
FRFISCAL Function Fiscal calendar dates
FRPOST Function Accounts and transaction detail data, and account and transaction optional field data from posted transactions
FRRATE Function Exchange rates
FRSDESC Function Segment code descriptions
FRTRN Function, FRTRNA Function, FRTRNCR Function, FRTRNDR Function Transaction detail data including net totals, and account and transaction optional fields (but not provisional amounts)

Tip: In Excel, use FR Paste (available from the Financial Statement Designer's FR menu) to insert a Financial Reporter function into a financial statement. From the FR Paste screen, you can select the function, its arguments, and additional report options. For more information, see About FR Paste.