Clearing an Individual Receipt in a Deposit

If you set a deposit’s status to Reconcile By Deposit Detail on the Reconcile Statements screen, you can reconcile individual receipts in the deposit.

To clear an individual receipt (within a deposit) during bank reconciliation:

  1. On the Reconciliation tab, select a deposit line.
  2. In the Reconciliation Status field, specify Reconcile By Deposit Detail.
  3. In the Deposits column, click the Edit Image of Edit button. button.

    The Deposit Details screen appears, and lists all the receipts in the selected deposit. For more information, see Bank Deposit Details Screen.

    Note: Initially, all receipts have a reconciliation status of Outstanding.

  4. On the Deposit Details screen, select and clear receipts. More...

    1. Select a receipt to clear.
    2. In the Reconciliation Status field, specify Cleared.

      When you click outside of the Reconciliation Status field, other fields for the receipt are automatically updated, as follows:

      • Cleared Amount matches Receipt Amount.
      • Reconciliation Date matches the Date specified in the Default Reconciliation section (also, Reconciliation Year and Reconciliation Period are automatically calculated based on the reconciliation date).
      • Reconciliation Description matches the Description specified in the Default Reconciliation section.

      Tip: If you click the Refresh button in the Default Reconciliation section, the information specified in the Default Reconciliation section is assigned as the Reconciliation Date, Reconciliation Description, and Reconciliation Status for all receipts in the deposit.

    3. In the Cleared Amount field in the Deposit section (at the top of the screen), enter the total amount of all cleared receipts.
    4. Click Save.