Clearing a Bank Error

When you clear a transaction with the status Cleared With Bank Error, and then update the Reconciliation Summary:

When you post the bank reconciliation:

To clear a bank error:

  1. Open Bank Services > Bank Transactions > Reconcile Statements.

  2. In the Bank Code field, specify the bank account you are reconciling.
  3. On the Reconciliation tab, specify a reconciliation status for the payment or deposit.

    1. On the table, select the payment or deposit that you want to clear.
    2. In the Cleared Amount field, enter the amount that cleared the bank, and then press Tab.

      The amount of the error is displayed in the Difference field.

    3. In the Reconciliation Status field, specify a reconciliation status:

      • If the bank accepts responsibility for the error, specify Cleared With Bank Error as the status.
      • If the bank does not accept responsibility for the error, change the reconciliation status to Cleared With Write-Off, Cleared With Exchange Rate Difference, or Cleared With Credit Card Charge (depending on which status applies).