Printing the Bank Reconciliation Status Report

To print the Reconciliation Status report:

  1. Open Bank Services > Bank Transaction Reports > Reconciliation Status.Open Bank Services > Bank Transaction Reports > Reconciliation Status.
  2. Specify the bank or range of banks to include on the report.
  3. Specify criteria for selecting transactions to include on the report, including:

    • The range of dates to which transactions were posted.
    • The source application (or range of applications) that sent the transactions to Bank Services.
    • Reconciliation statuses for withdrawals. For more information, see Withdrawal Reconciliation Statuses.
    • Reconciliation statuses for deposits. For more information, see Deposit Reconciliation Statuses.

    Note: The report includes only withdrawals and deposits with the reconciliation statuses you select.

  4. Select the Print Deposit Details option to include details of individual receipts in a deposit.
  5. Click Print.