Adding 1099 / CPRS Codes

1099 forms are used in the United States to report the amount of purchases from your US vendors.

The Contract Payment Reporting System (CPRS) is a Canadian tax reporting system designed for reporting payments made to Canadian construction subcontractors.

To add a 1099/CPRS code:

  1. Open Accounts Payable > A/P Setup > 1099/CPRS Codes.
  2. Enter a code in the 1099/CPRS Code field, and then enter information in the remaining fields:
    • 1099/CPRS Code Description. Enter a description of the code.
    • Tax Reporting Type. Specify whether the code is for reporting 1099 or CPRS amounts.
    • Amount Type. If you select 1099 as the tax reporting type, you must also specify an amount type (such as Rents or Nonemployee Compensation).

      Amounts of a certain type may need to be reported in different boxes, or even on different forms, from one year to another. When you print 1099/1096 forms, the amount type for each 1099 code is used together with the form type and year for which you are reporting to determine where to print amounts.

    • Minimum Amount to Report. Enter the lowest amount you are required to report for each code. Only vendors with a total 1099 amount equal to or greater than this amount are included in the electronic 1099 file or on printed 1099 forms.
  3. Click Save.