About Sage Virtual Terminal

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About Payment Processing Reports

About Payment Processing Transactions

Sage Virtual Terminal is a secure website that you can use to:

Each transaction you process in Sage 300 Payment Processing is recorded in Sage Virtual Terminal, so you can sign in anytime to view current transaction information and reports.

Accessing Sage Virtual Terminal

When you sign up for a Paya merchant account, you'll receive a merchant ID (VT ID), username, and password that you can use to sign in to Sage Virtual Terminal.

To view reports on credit card transactions, batches, expiration, and more for your Paya merchant account, sign in to Sage Virtual Terminal at https://www.sagepayments.net/virtualterminal.

For additional reporting resources, including 12-month summaries of transactions and chargebacks, daily credit card batches for selected date ranges, and monthly statement searches, you can also sign in to https://www.myvirtualreports.com.

Finding Support and Resources

To learn more about Sage Virtual Terminal and find training and support resources: